Nombor Satu Bagi Saya

by - April 24, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Kalau ada lagu-lagu yang best untuk dendangan halwa telinga, seperti biasa aku akan berkongsi di sini. Boleh dikatakan tiap-tiap hari aku dengar lagu ni. Benar, jika lagu sedap dengar berulang kali pun tak jemu. Lagipun lirik lagu ni sungguh meaningful.

Number One For Me - Maher Zain

I was a foolish little child 
Crazy things I used to do 
And all the pain I put you through 
Mama now I'm here for you 
For all the times I made you cry 
The days I told you lies 
Now it's time for you to rise 
For all the things you sacrificed 

Oh, if I could turn back time rewind 
If I could make it undone 
I swear that I would 
I would make it up to you 
Mum I'm all grown up now 
It's a brand new day 
I'd like to put a smile on your face every day 
Mum I'm all grown up now 
And it's not too late 
I'd like to put a smile on your face every day 

 And now I finally understand 
Your famous line 
About the day I'd face in time 
'Cause now I've got a child of mine 
And even though I was so bad 
I've learned so much from you 
Now I'm trying to do it too Love my kid the way you do 

 You know you are the number one for me (x3) 
Oh, oh, number one for me 
 There's no one in this world that can take your place 
Oh, I'm sorry for ever taking you for granted, ooh 
I will use every chance I get 
To make you smile, whenever I'm around you 
Now I will try to love you like you love me 
Only God knows how much you mean to me 

 You know you are the number one for me (x3) 
 Oh, oh, number one for me

Lirik lagu yang meaningful ditokoktambahkan dengan video yang beauiful and wonderful.

You are always number one for me, my mom :)

Selepas Allah Yang Maha Satu, ibu kita adalah nombor satu dalam hidup ini. Jadi, janganlah angkuh mengatakan kekasih tidak halal kamu itu adalah nombor satu bagi kamu. Siapa kamu tu? Kamu kamu yang buat tu la. 

Hami Asraff:

"Jangan tumpahkan air mata ibumu dengan kedukaan. Jika mahu tumpahkan juga, pastikan tumpahnya air mata itu dengan kegembiraan kejayaanmu."

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