awesome sketches

October 12, 2009

assalamualaikum w.b.t

maybe some of you guys had seen it before. it's attract my attention and all i just can say is "wow!" i printed out this pictures and paste it to my desk. sometimes when i felt fibre, these 'awesome sketches' gave me such an inspiration. i really dont know how and why they do this. hopefully, i'll find the answers one day.

p/s : continue my study

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  1. terbca dalam blog cik qemm.

    tgh cari buku randa ye? mmg best buku nieh...sha beli tahun lepas. ada tulis dalam dua posting (dlm blog):

    i'm sorry i'm commenting about something else here. i'm just not good when it comes to all these technical stuff:)

  2. cHeRyNa PiReS : it's okay.. thanks ya for da info :)

  3. ruzaini : aku dpt pic2 dr emel seorang rakan

  4. wow! awesome pics u got! those! the artists are all so creative!

  5. tu la pasal.. mmg paling kreatif la..~

  6. ramai blogger2 yg bt entry cm cheq tgk...he3...marvlous!!! ;p


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